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  1. I think INFJs are highly neurodivergent. Much of the modern psychological nomenclature is either describing neurodivergent characteristics or the consequences of being neurodivergent in a society that highly values being neurotypical.

  2. Thanks for this. Also, 'nomenclature'...what a nice word.

  3. Yeah he is. Don't like him though

  4. There are not enough posts like this on the overall mbti reddit,nice observation

  5. Agreed. I love these kinds of posts so much.

  6. This person wrote you a whole reply answering your question and that's what you respond with?

  7. Posts like yours are the cringiest though imo...

  8. It's not! Just... think about it some more ๐Ÿ˜

  9. I have lately been doing that. it does make life a bit easier. i always get hung up on the "why" of things like "why am i even studying this" "why does this matter" "why can't i just run off to the desert" stuff like that. so it's better yes to DO before my mind gets the chance to think, but if i'm being honest i feel like i'm living in denial of my own self. i am deliberately ignoring my thoughts and the nature of my mind working to be able to go on with life. idk if that is a bad thing itself but it just feels a bit weird and... uncomfortable.

  10. I agree that part of it can feel like living in denial of your own self. But, not to get all deep and philosophical, but what really is your own self? And why do you think living on a lower thinking plane and more of a living plane for your own benefit and self-respect is not your own self?

  11. I also find traditional face to face learning very boring too. Most of the time at school, I never actually left class having learned anything/much. I relied on teaching myself the content at home.

  12. I also find that studying by myself has worked better for me. However, I much preferred large classes and teachers that didn't engage with the class much. I need time to process information so proving my understanding of a topic in real time by engaging with the class always made me anxious. Also, I always preferred cramming. I was usually of the attitude that I was only in education for the sake of gaining qualifications. I only learned what I had to and forgot about it later. If I wanted to actually learn, I'd learn on my own terms.

  13. I'm fully the same with almost everything you said here! Wow.

  14. Well, she is a actor in Hollywood lol. There'll always be superficiality

  15. Are you sure your mom isn't an ESXJ?

  16. She's not a narc! Never thought of her in that way

  17. Yep, tail end of it finally. Some serious sneezing has been going on.

  18. I currently have toothache from a sinus infection ๐Ÿ™„ Hopefully this will be the last stage for me

  19. Coming towards the end of my second week with this cold. Iโ€™m convinced itโ€™s just how life is now

  20. That's literally how I feel. That I'm just going to stay like this.

  21. I think he is generally typed as INFP. Still holds true, and those Ne eyes, definitely Ne fam.

  22. Oh I didn't intend to mean that I think Kafka is ENFP

  23. I'm in love with the moon.

  24. Why the hell does this post not have more recognition...

  25. Yes, awful feeling. It's like the thing gets jammed in the system and interrupts the entire flow. It can easily trigger our chain reaction thinking and lead to major anxiety. I've been making efforts to move into as much authenticity and truth as I can while practicing loving acceptance and surrender to those stuck areas. It's a process and can involve some letting go, depending on your circumstances.

  26. Thank you. Feels exactly like something jammed in the system.

  27. Fair enough. I hope you're able to find a way to be at peace with it.

  28. Thank you, and I hope that you don't have to deal with that feeling too often in your life

  29. You can sell successfully with 1 item. There is no magic number. That said, the more items you have, the more often you'll come up in more searches. If you're the only one selling that one product, you'll have good sales as long as people are looking for it. If you're selling 1 item that has 50,000 similar items, you'll never be found.

  30. But wouldn't a store with fewer items seem less reliable or 'legit' than stores with more?

  31. All types use all of their functions all the time. Their order in the functional stack isn't so much about how "good" they are at using it but what purpose it serves.

  32. Yeah I'm defo more Ni-Ti...

  33. I don't know exactly what this involves but it sounds like something I'd like. Is it just... walking?

  34. Yes, I do. It's interesting because there's this thing where people see us as calm and collected individuals, but I just can't meditate. I'll continue to try but so far, it's just not doing anything for me. I've got probably the same level of zen that meditation is said to give through doing other tasks/activities. I feel like meditation isn't universally equally suitable for everyone. Some people benefit a lot more from it than others.

  35. It's such a strange question. Seriously. What do you mean explain this gap in your resume? Are we really expected to have zero break from work? It's so weird. It's also simply a ridiculous question in how personal it can be. It's simply none of your business what I was doing during a certain year. If I haven't claimed to work in a particular period, then don't ask me about that period.

  36. I think it's about comparing how much your view of yourself and other people's way of viewing you are in alignment. At least for me.

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