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  1. You make such beautiful artwork of the wilderness and yet you want to aid in its destruction by making it an NFT :(

  2. Without some catalyst like Ripple reaching a settlement we are just going to have to wait for BTC to do its thing and moon so that alt season can begin. Given the way things look right now we should atleast see the price begin to spike next month.

  3. BTC is ‘doing its thing’ but it seems like the price of XRP is not following

  4. XRP $1.8, 18 October 2021. Future ‘yays’ are sensed.

  5. "NewziTech reported, on October 5, Bitcoin was to cross the $50K mark and, now after 10 days, it has breached the $60K in just 10 days. This represents an 80% gain in the last 10 days."

  6. If the business is 40 years old wouldnt you have more than enough of positive reviews to counter the negative reviews?

  7. I fantasize about french kissing my crush while she rubs her wet clit against my thigh

  8. Licking my crush’ ENTIRE body. Hold her thighs closed and f*ck between in while sucking on her fingers.

  9. Arm wrestle with a trans muscle granny, lost and tried to outrun, but caught by more trans muscle grannies (true story)

  10. I have some questions if you’re comfortable to answer.

  11. Hey! I'm excited to share my new 3D design tool with you!

  12. Make it free to use and monetize it in later stages

  13. Spitting into my mouth and make me swallow them for 1.5 hours

  14. Adults wearing frog costumes and teaches koalas ballet in the zoo

  15. A female jungle ranger with a backpack full of moaning koalas

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