Anyone else had their CPM skyrocket today ?

Anyone else had their CPM skyrocket today ?

  1. Same thing has happened to me. It seems like they changed their algorithm around 4pm PST yesterday. All of a sudden two of my bid cap campaigns started spending about $10,000 at CPCs of $20!!!! It is ridiculous. Today my CPMs are 3x higher than usual and the ads are delivering at CPCs of 4x higher than usual . This is insane. It is a brand new issue and has nothing to do with the ios update.

  2. Did things settle down for you? Our CPM’s hit $100 - $350+ yesterday. Looks about the same again today. Turned off cost cap campaigns

  3. Those downstream metrics are highly volatile right now, and for the most part not the greatest way to track data with the recent FB updates.

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