Anyone doing well with Facebook Ads in eCommerce since June ?

Anyone doing well with Facebook Ads in eCommerce since June ?

  1. Same exact for me. Jan to march amazing. April dipped may dipped more and june has gone to shit. Im going to try and refresh the ad sets. It feels like it has something to do with the auto update for 14.6

  2. Wow I never thought I'd see a lot of other FB advertisers killing it from Jan-March and then having a rough time April to June. Man, it's been tough trying to get my clients to understand that they're not the only ones that are struggling recently.

  3. Thats what did lol. Currently in Malaga (normally in France) because business is so slow with FB issues. You guys still can’t leave UK even with a Covid test ?

  4. Yes, sales are abysmal this month, and very inconsistent. Some days I see 2k two days in a row then the next $0 sales.

  5. It's always multifactorial but impossible to say which factor is more important. I would still say iOS is the main factor. Covid restrictions ending necessarly have their effects too. Here in France people are more outside than ever so.. Whats your daily budget currently ?

  6. I've noticed website traffic dips and thought the same thing about COVID restrictions easing and people going out and not on their phones or computers. Computer or mobile fatigue maybe?

  7. I hate to see anyone not doing well with their business but I have to say I’m a bit relieved to see other people in the same boat as us. Our ads have been SUPER inconsistent . We’re working on a creative/copy refresh right now and based off of what all of you are saying I think we will start to pull back from lookalike audiences and start to target more broad. Good luck to everyone and I appreciate the updates from everyone here.

  8. Exactly the same points 1-3. I would add 4. Purchase events in the events manager are underreporting massively lately.

  9. We were getting pretty terrible results immediately after the iOS update but we ran a big Memorial day sale and it turned things around for our account. We're spending a decent amount (around 5k per day) which makes the results a bit more consistent. We've definitely noticed a drop overall on Facebook ROAS since the update but for our account things are returning to a slightly more normal/consistent level of performance.

  10. Yes between bad days and testing it’s definitively challenging to keep the same ROAS at scale. Since when have you started seeing normal results again ? I will try to update the topic to keep people informed, also created a discord with a few people of the topic to keep up on this regularly & exchange tips.

  11. Did decent during Jan-mar, then in April it tanked. May was about 30% better but June has been my worst month so far. I spend hours on testing audiences and creatives but still nothing except money lost.

  12. Similar... our sales are down 75% compared to jan / feb & march. My guess is the are tinkering with the algorithm to combat ios changes. How long it will last, who knows?

  13. Fathers Day ad spend hit in June. Record spend on Facebook ads (online ads) will continue through 2021. If you are struggling now, expect Holiday 2021 to be a nightmare.

  14. Yes, doing great. About 50% less conversions showing in ads manager but using UTM's to track instead, all campaigns are performing well. If you don't have a lot of data on the pixel (ie 10k+ purchases) and are running low budgets under like $1k/day, especially in smaller niches, you'll have trouble. You need 2-3x the budgets and pixel events now in order to optimized since so many are blocked.

  15. I've analyzed a few retail ad campaigns of the past month and my top advice is to stop with the discount offers.

  16. I have spent $1 million on FB ads this year. I have never seen such poor / inconsistent ROAS as I am seeing this month. We have started to turn ads off.

  17. How much approximatively was the ROAS dropoff in % for you ? I gather informations to update the topic & the people on the discord we made with people of the topic to keep up

  18. That ios change is really hurting my ads across the board.. I've noticed they are slipping into limited learning really quickly stating the budget isn't high enough but I'm running ads from $25 to $50/day budget.

  19. I really think it’s best to control the bidding on Facebook ads these days, since you will be controlling the cost of cpa instead of Facebook.

  20. I seem to be in the same boat.... Just finished a pretty decent month in may and now everything in june has been terrible so far. Out of curiosity did you check your events manager for pixel issues? I have like 3 new issues with mine... Not sure how to fix

  21. I'm the UK it's been hot and the pubs are open so is there a chance results have dropped off because people are out and about again? (I'm I'm Based too btw)

  22. I’m a newbie to this but enjoying the ride. Ecommerce business. Had a good May but decrease in June. Managed a 5x roas in May but around 2x in June so far. In saying that I did change the hero image and thats when the decrease happened

  23. You can try but some says that LLA is not good right now for pixels with few events. Have you tried broad (no targeting at all) ?

  24. Everyone typing about having the same issue. But I came here for some solutions. Do anyone have any solution how to fix that problem at least a bit?

  25. Never had consistent sales from FB - +/-90% day by day. June - BS traffic, bad/zero sales, 1.5 ROI. I think April/May FB were run on previous iPhone data. Bring spending from $400 to low $100/day. Hopefully, stop wasting money soon and pause FB ads.

  26. Make you all are looking at the stats on your Ecommerce software. My ROAS and Cost per Purchase had doubled but it was strange that my Shopify analytics conversion was still the same from facebook.

  27. I manage the Facebook ads for 2 small Ecommerce stores, which have really struggled this month with a massive drop in conversions. I have tried all the obvious strategies, and am still driving plenty of traffic, but because I cannot retarget effectively, many of those clicks are wasted.

  28. Honestly ran into the exact some issues. I found a vid on GenTech's youtube channel and there was actually a lot he talked about that helped with the changes from the ios update

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