Anyone else's ROAS down 50% since IOS update?

Anyone else's ROAS down 50% since IOS update?

  1. Yes been brutal. I have tried everything. Some days are ok but others are awful. All profits are being paid to FB. Getting close to giving up. I don’t understand why they don’t lower their advertising fees?

  2. I am right there with all of you. Getting absolutely destroyed and getting close to throwing in the towel as clients are threatening to leave. I honestly just do not know what to do..

  3. I’m seeing the same, but last few weeks have at least become profitable again by using UTM tracking.

  4. I was seeing poor results for a few weeks but then I was able to develop a really good solution by a new campaign targeting and budget allocation structure that is different than the traditional TOF, MOF, BOF setup.

  5. My CPC up by more than 100%, CPA up by 400-500%, even through my CTR and CPM remains almost the same, FB is failing to target to the righr people now because they lost a big chunk of data.

  6. I’ve seen my acquisition costs increase, but total checkouts have been about usual for me in terms of volume. I’m leaning on customer and email list audiences as much as possible, but broad ads are not doing very well.

  7. It’s also maybe because when you log into apps now a days they plainly ask if they can track your data and share it … people started saying no I guess..

  8. For the month of August my spend for a particular client will be 6k instead of the usual 10k and we will get an overall ROAS OF 700% instead of 1300% we had been getting the previous 5 years. It seems we just have to accept it.

  9. Yes, this is essentially every US advertiser’s experience with ATT and iOS 14.5+. One thing that is important to note is that attribution/data tracking limits what FB can track and report on. FB’s inability to track and report on conversions doesn’t mean that it no longer is driving sales or having a similar impact that it used to. There’s no workaround to getting that data back in Ads Manager - so the numbers you’re seeing are the new normal.

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