CPM rose to the moon 10-15 >>> 158

CPM rose to the moon 10-15 >>> 158

  1. we have the same issue, we are seeing CPMs of 500+ USD when we had 15-25 USD before. different accounts, different campaigns, all got smacked at the same time. it doesn't make any sense. stopped everything right now.

  2. We had CPM’s hitting as high as $350 in the past 48 hours. We’ve spent over $1 million on FB this year. No one can say for certain, but I’d assume you’re just dealing with the mess that is Facebook ads right now. How large is your audience size on the high CPM ad sets?

  3. yea? Are you on other platforms? Also with the new VAT rules I think a LOT of dropshippers aren't able to be profitable anymore.

  4. It's very interesting how Facebook works nowadays. I checked my campaigns in GA as well and it seems that FB underreport a little bit. CONV rates dropped for me the most. CPM, CPC around the same.

  5. Well, if there was any transparency you would know, but Facebook basically operates like Enron did, and when there's a "power shortage" the rates shoot up.

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